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Development of Academic Programs:

At CUT (due to being a new university) all members of the department actively participated in the design and development of its Bachelor and Master degree programs. During 2009-2012 as head of department I coordinated the annual revision of the program.  This task is now handled by the departmental undergraduate studies committee.

At Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) in collaboration with other colleagues from the Department proposed and developed three Master level programs

  • MSc in Interaction Design (offered online in collaboration with Tallinn University)
  • MA in Interactive Multimedia 
  • MSc in Design and Development of Computer Game and Interactive Technologies (started being offered in September 2012)

I am the course director for the MSc in Interaction Design and was the course director MA in Interactive Multimedia and for the MSc in Design and Development of Computer Game and Interactive Technologies in past years.

At City University London I proposed and developed a new MSc in Human Centred Systems (HCS) which started in October 2004 and I was the course director of that course in 2006. The master is at the moment one of the most popular masters in this area in UK.  As course director I was responsible for the Curriculum development of the course and my role included:

  • Curriculum Development Team co-ordination
  • Course Document preparation
  • Boards of Studies liaison for course approval
  • Course proposal presentation to the Courses Committee
  • Planning the future academic direction of the course
  • As applicable, updating of the course content, aims and objectives
  • Preparation of amendments to the course
  • Liaison with other Boards of Studies for amendments/course review
  • Course handbook preparation and annual updating

In addition, in the last twenty years I have developed and maintain a course for teaching modern Greek online. The Learn Greek Online ( course consists of 105 fully developed lessons designed using a novel participatory design methodology and it currently has over 100,000 students.  The project has been showcased in the public press in Cyprus and the findings have been presented in numerous conferences and other publications.

Currrent Teaching

Teaching History

  • 20172011

    Human Computer Interaction Design

    Introductory course in HCI offered to MA students

  • 20172009

    User Centered Design

    Introductory course in User Centered Design offered to BA students

  • 20192009

    Design for All

    Inclusive Design course for BA students